Delivery Vehicle Safety

Safety and uptime are key metrics for delivery fleets—their duty cycles require them to work in all weather, day, night, and through busy roads to ensure we receive the goods necessary to

survive. Audible backup alarms warning inattentive pedestrians of the vehicle go unheard, and the camera/monitor systems on many of these vehicles are only effective in clear conditions.

Unfortunately, most vehicle-pedestrian collisions result in injury or fatalities which reduce fleet productivity and can ultimately result in nuclear verdicts for the companies involved.

In these dynamic environments, delivery vehicles need more than basic collision warning.

How Hoplo Helps

Hoplo’s intuitive display presents 5 zones and 3 segments and reports the closest object in each segment to improve the operator’s situational awareness. Spartan’s proprietary software greatly reduces the number of false detections.

Our high-resolution software has intelligent tracking capabilities to make note of items outside of the range to anticipate what may become a potential hazard.

Configuration Suggestions

When paired with our Junction Box, Hoplo easily integrates with most vision systems that already exist on vehicles today. Adding Hoplo to your fleet safety program will reduce accidents, increase vehicle uptime, and improve situational awareness.




Reverse and passenger Blind Side


Reverse, Right and Left

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