Mining Vehicle Safety

Mining vehicles perform in incredibly harsh environments including various terrain, weather, and lighting. Because of the size of these machines – some as tall as a three-story building – operator visibility is limited, which poses a threat to the various machines working in close proximity.

The collision warning systems that have been available to the mining industry have proven little help, especially with the factor of being underground. Additionally, nuisance alerts and false detections result in the operators questioning the validity of what they’re being told.

How Hoplo Helps

Hoplo’s intuitive display presents 5 zones and 3 segments and reports the closest object in each segment to improve the operator’s situational awareness. Spartan’s proprietary software greatly reduces the number of false detections.

Our high-resolution software has intelligent tracking capabilities to make note of items outside of the range to anticipate what may become a potential hazard.

Recommended Configurations

Understanding that construction sites do not have the same flat terrain that on-road vehicles travel on, Spartan has a special off-road configuration that reduces sensitivity. This way, operators do not get alerts when topography changes.


Reverse / Single Side


Reverse / Right and Left Side


Full Surround

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