Waste Vehicle Safety

Rain or shine, waste management shows up to work through all weather conditions. Considering that refuse vehicles are utilized around pedestrians, including children running through the neighborhoods they service, a reliable collision avoidance system is crucial.

The waste industry regularly lands in the top five of the most dangerous industries to work in. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, refuse trucks are involved with over 1400 injury accidents per year, with an average of two deaths per week. We can all agree that the loss of life is tragic and should itself be a call to action, but there is another cost to these safety infractions – the actual financial cost of accidents can drive the fleet owners out of business.

How Hoplo Helps

Hoplo’s intuitive display presents 5 zones and 3 segments and reports the closest object in each segment to improve the operator’s situational awareness. Spartan’s proprietary software greatly reduces the number of false detections.

Our high-resolution software has intelligent tracking capabilities to make note of items outside of the range to anticipate what may become a potential hazard.

Configuration Suggestions

When paired with our Junction Box, Hoplo easily integrates with most vision systems that already exist on vehicles today. Adding Hoplo to your fleet safety program will reduce accidents, increase vehicle uptime, and improve situational awareness.




Reverse and passenger Blind Side(s)


Reverse, Right and Left

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