Spartan Radar Hires Teresa Prisbrey as General Manager for Hoplo Product Line

Prisbey looks to advance commercial fleet industry safety with Spartan Radar

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – October 28, 2021 – Spartan Radar, a provider of next-generation sensor solutions for automated mobility, today announced that Teresa Prisbrey joined the company as General Manager for their Hoplo product line. Prisbrey will help Spartan scale their proprietary Biomimetic Radar™ technology as a commercialize-ready safety solution for the commercial trucking, construction, delivery, and mining industries.

Prisbrey’s 15 years of experience in the commercial fleet industry (including leadership roles with Preco and Zone Defense/Pro-vision) will help Spartan scale its biomimetic imaging radar to solve persistent perception challenges that have impeded widespread adoption of ADAS safety solutions for the trucking, construction, mining, and delivery industries. Spartan’s proprietary AI delivers cost-effective, all-conditions radar imaging of unprecedented detail. Adding Prisbrey’s market-responsive product development expertise helps clear the path to commercialize Spartan’s proven perception model and edge-processing expertise for industrial use. Spartan has built thousands of working radar systems on the ground, in the air, and up in space and will go to market with perception solutions that will move ADAS and autonomous mobility forward at all levels.

“My definition of innovation is solving the right problem with the best technology. Teresa is a true pioneer in commercial fleet ADAS safety – the products she has seen from conception to commercialization have saved countless lives,” Spartan Radar Founder and CEO Nathan Mintz said. “I can think of no one better to shepherd Spartan’s first hardware product line to market.”

Teresa has a proven track record of developing customer-centric processes and products from conception to commercialization. She served as COO and VP of Marketing for Zone Defense, and Director of Preview Radar for Preco Electronics, spearheading business development, new product development and marketing of radar safety products at both companies. A recognized expert in fleet safety, Prisbrey co-authored key industry standards for ANSI and has served on subcommittees and working groups for ISO, OSHA, and MSHA. Prior to the fleet industry, Prisbrey’s career included marketing and business development experience for the IT, Aerospace, and Commercial Development industries. She has lectured on tech industry marketing and business strategy at Boise State University and is a recipient of the Team Builder Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners.

“I chose Spartan Radar because of their proven track record of delivering innovation and commitment to solving the technology challenges that matter most to customers,” said Prisbrey. “I believe their technology will bring unmatched safety, robustness and value to the commercial drivers, fleets and industries I have served for the last 15 years.”

About Spartan Radar

Spartan Radar is a next-generation automated mobility sensor software provider—with extensive expertise in Radar Digital Signal Processing and antenna design. Spartan’s flagship software package called “Ago” is mainly used to increase the performance of existing radar designs in a computationally efficient manner. For more information, please visit and follow Spartan on LinkedIn.


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