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Spartan's Series B funding recognized by Forbes

Alan Ohnsman, Senior Editor at Forbes, recently sat down with Spartan’s founders to learn about their history in defense and what brought them to the automotive industry. In this article, he explains how applying our military-grade technology is driving automation forward.

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Radar technology gets a refresh, increased role in automated driving systems

When it comes to automated-driving technology, can radar replace lidar? Spartan President Dr. Matt Markel weighs in on radar’s role in automated vehicles in this piece by Karn Dhingra.

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Podcast: Autonocast

In this episode of Autonocast, Kirsten and Ed sit down with CEO Matt Markel to discuss the evolving automotive sensor market, the relationship between radar hardware and software, the unique needs of commercial vehicles, and much more.

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Spartan & Faction Partnership announcement featured in Yahoo Finance

The exciting news that Spartan and Faction will be partnering around the deployment of 4D imaging radar for 360 sensing was recently featured in Yahoo Finance.

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Podcast: Next Trucking

Featured on MarketScale: Spartan CSO Robert Brown sits down with NEXT Trucking podcast host Gabrielle Bejarano to discuss how Spartan Radar is improving driver assistance systems, the autonomous trucking jobs of the future, and the race to commercialization happening today.

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Podcast: MarketScale's Are We There Yet?

Spartan Co-Founder and CEO Nathan Mintz recently guested on the MarketScale podcast with Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell, about the advancement of radar technologies into the consumer market.

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Spartan, Uhnder Partner to Offer Next-Gen Radar Tech for Automated Trucks

Sensor technology suppliers Spartan Radar and Uhnder Inc. have formed a partnership to develop improved sensing capabilities for advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving technology for commercial trucks.

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Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles Expected to Take Hold in 2024

Autonomous vehicles on the higher end of the technological scale may only be a couple of years away from greater adoption, panelists said at a CES 2022 session Jan. 5.

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Spartan Radar raises a total of $25M to help radar compete with lidar tech

Take a dollop of machine learning, a handful of radar sensors and a market that is clamoring for autonomous cars not mowing down hordes of pedestrians, and you’ve got yourself a particularly frothy fundraising en vironment.

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Spartan Radar Secures $15 mln in Funding to Change Radar Solutions Forever

Spartan Radar, an industrial automation startup based in Los Alamitos, has raised $15 million in Series A funding to disrupt the assisted driving sensor market.

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Wipro and Spartan Radar take the wheel with Cloud Car platform

Wipro announced a partnership between its Engineering Edge business line and Spartan Radar, an automated mobility sensor software provider, to build advanced vehicle solutions.

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Podcast: Road to Autonomy

Grayson Brulte invites CEO Matt Markel to discuss the next generation of radar. Matt begins with explaining the current state of radar, how it compares to LiDAR and complements camera, and Spartan’s approach to the evolving radar market.

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Spartan CTO Tyler Rather featured in AUVSI Presents: Perfecting Perception

Spartan CTO Tyler Rather was recently featured in an informative and engaging webinar covering the crucial role that perceptual software plays in the safe and reliable operation of uncrewed systems hosted by The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), theworld’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of uncrewed systems and robotics.

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Featured in TechCrunch: Open Letter to Gavin Newsom

Spartan Co-Founder and CEO Nathan Mintz joined an open letter to Governor Gavin Newsom to communicate the need for autonomous trucking in California.

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Podcast: SAE Tomorrow Today

Spartan CTO & CSO, Tyler Rather and Robert Brown appear on the podcast SAE Tomorrow Today to discuss our team’s work to develop high-resolution radar AI that emulates human perception models and achieves lightning-fast processing and focus—and a revolutionary sensor fusion technology that could prove to be as influential as Ford’s Model T.

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Podcast: Roadsigns

Spartan CSO Robert Brown guests on the Roadsigns Podcast to help provide a status report on the state of autonomous vehicle technology, the road to autonomous trucking, and potential solutions to the really complex problems associated with freight transportation and logistics.

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Podcast: The Road to Autonomy

Cameron Gieda, Director of Business Development at Spartan, joins Grayson Brulte on The Road To Autonomy Podcast to discuss why 4D radar is a brave new world. The conversation ties together topics as wide-ranging as surfing, logistics, economics and ARM chips.

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AV Sensor Startup Spartan Radar Raises $15 Million

Spartan Radar, a developer of sensor technology for automated vehicles, raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by Prime Movers Lab.

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Spartan Radar quickly raises additional $15M for safe autonomous mobility

Automotive radar systems solutions provider Spartan Radar announced Wednesday it has closed on a $15 million series A round led by Prime Movers Lab, with its existing investors, 8VC and Mac VC, participating in the roundas well.

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Spartan Radar, Riverpark Partner to Launch Hoplo

Transport Topics shares how Hoplo gives drivers greater confidence in their situational awareness, and how Riverpark’s distribution of the product will increase safety across the nation.

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Automotive News highlights Spartan's $17M funding from 8VC and Microsoft

Automotive News shares how our recent funding will help expand offices to Detroit, Michigan to deploy our advanced software products.

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Podcast: American Optimist

In this episode of American Optimist, previous classmates discuss Nathan’s work in defense, Epirus, and his latest startup Spartan, who is changing how the mobility industry increases radar performance through software.

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Spartan named in the Top 10 Series A Startups to Watch by Dealroom.co

We are honored to be ranked as one of the top series A startups globally to watch based on the data-driven Dealroom Signal. According to Dealroom, Spartan is a top startup based on fundraising timeline, growth indicators, founding team, and a number of other factors. Take a look!

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Spartan included in list of “Most Innovative Automotive Startups"

Selected from a list of over 300,000 Californian startups and over 1,500,000 people who hold key positions in said companies, Best Startup California has selected Spartan among its 101 most
innovative automotive startups.

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Full Stack Software Engineer Maritsa Negrete featured on Built in LA

Full Stack Software Engineer Maritsa Negrete was recently featured on Built in LA in their article, The Perks and Pitfalls of Paving the Way for Other Women in Tech.

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Spartan CSO Robert Brown Recognized by Business Insider

Spartan CSO Robert Brown was recently recognized by Business Insider as one of the 31 leaders powering the self-driving revolution.
For this distinction, Insider evaluated nominations from across the AV industry, considered each nominee expertise, value to their company, and contributions to the larger self-driving-vehicle sector, and chose those who look to be leading their companies and the industry ahead as it enters the next phase of self-driving-vehicle development.

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Expanding ADAS roles for radar and cameras

Evolving into lidar alternatives, the bread-and-butter sensors of ADAS are seeing potential beyond commodity status, and may hasten autonomy for the masses.

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Spartan snags further funding in burgeoning radar realm

Executives claim their radar systems make substantial advances in resolution, allowing for lidarlike levels of obstacle detection.

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Press Releases

Feb 27, 2023 ・ 3 min

Phillips Industries and Spartan join forces under new company named Phillips Innovations to remove blind spots along trailers

Orange County, CA (Feb. 27, 2023) – Sensor technology leader, Spartan, and transportation industry giant, Phillips Industries, under its new business unit ...


Nov 10, 2022 ・ 3 min

Spartan Announces Partnership with Faction Around the Deployment of 4D Imaging Radar for 360 Sensing

Brown looks to advance automated vehicle technology with Spartan Radar LOS ALAMITOS, CA – October 15, 2021 – Spartan Radar, a provider of...


Nov 3, 2021 ・ 2 min

Spartan Radar Adds $15 Million to the War Chest in Series A to Disrupt ADAS & AV Sensor Market

Funding round led by Prime Movers Lab LOS ALAMITOS, CA – November 3, 2021 – Spartan Radar, the leader in biomimetic radar solutions for...


Oct 15, 2021 ・ 2 min

Spartan Radar Hires Robert Brown as Chief Strategy Officer

Brown looks to advance automated vehicle technology with Spartan Radar LOS ALAMITOS, CA – October 15, 2021 – Spartan Radar, a provider of...


Oct 28, 2021 ・ 2 min

Spartan Radar Hires Teresa Prisbrey as General Manager for Hoplo Product Line

Prisbey looks to advance commercial fleet industry safety with Spartan Radar LOS ALAMITOS, CA – October28, 2021 – Spartan Radar, a...


Feb 1, 2023 ・ 2 min

Spartan raises Series B to deploy radar software to global transportation market

Brown looks to advance automated vehicle technology with Spartan Radar LOS ALAMITOS, CA – October 15, 2021 – Spartan Radar, a provider of...


Feb 24,2022 ・ 3 min

Uhnder and Spartan Deliver Robust, All-Weather, High Resolution Sensing Solutions for ADAS and Automated Vehicles

Uhnder's 4D digital imaging radar and Spartan sensor software increase resolution and detect objects difficult to discern. ORANGE COUNTY,...


May 24, 2023 ・ 3 min

Wipro Engineering Edge partners with Spartan Radar to enhance assisted and automated driving solutions on its ‘Cloud Car’ Platform

Alongside the partnership, Wipro Ventures invests in Spartan Radar as part of the firm’s Series B funding round ...


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