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Add performance to your existing sensor without additional hardware

Clarify achieves the highest accuracy in radar imaging

Rising road deaths are driving increased performance regulations for ADAS LiDAR and classical imaging radar are too expensive

Clarify is the solution

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View past classical limits with minimal processing
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Meet ADAS feature needs with less expensive hardware
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Robust in the automotive environment
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Ready to use today

Clarify, Spartan's proprietary software, enhances existing radar resolution and accuracy-providing the sharpness of an imaging radar, even from a small corner radar

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Improves the performance of any radar architecture
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Applicable to both edge and central CPU/GPU processing
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3-8x improvement in resolution
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Validated by top Tier 1s, OEMs, and silicon providers

Running on

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  • Cortex-R5
  • Cortex-A53
  • Cortex-A78AE
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  • AWR1843
  • AWR1843AOP
  • AWR2944
  • TDA4VM
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  • Orin
  • Drive
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Radar SOC

  • SAF85xx
  • SAF86xx
Spartan’s platform includes software-defined features such as tailorable radar perception and supervision layers to balance between computational efficiency and performance optimization.